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Super Bastard Digital Sampler Preview

Super Bastard Digital Sampler Preview

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Super Bastard: Son of Redemption Digital Sampler Preview this is a sneak peek of the up and coming 100 page vol 1 graphic novel, Super Bastard, is a story of awakening, redemption, and resolve. It is a story of what happens when absolute power meets something worse. This graphic novel chronicles the life and evolution of Jai-Don Ali. A "Super" working for the current powers that be to maintain order in society. The world is a different place, after pandemics, wars, and mass destruction, the United States has been broken into two countries, "Old" America and "New" America. "Old" America is lawless and suffering from the aftermath of nationwide civil war that left the country open for outside attack leaving the country even more devastated. Those in power and who could buy their way, took refuge in bunkers until the erecting of "New America" miles above the old country in a protected dome that hovers guarded at all times by government mandated and regulated Supers and military. A select few civilians are allowed to be transported back and forth to work lower level jobs, and even a smaller few are allowed to stay in designated areas for "life long jobs" on farms and other "worker"positions, being given food and shelter, but no actual pay for their labor. As Jai Don grows, he learns of his arrival to this planet, the parents he never knew, and the truth about the history of this new "Country" and of his people and how Supers even came to be. After meeting Patricia, a young rebel who infiltrates the new land as needed for supplies for the people of "Old America", Jai Don is enlighten as to who he is, and before long embarks on a path to correct all that he deems wrong with the two worlds he is now living in.

Super Bastard: Son of Redemption (sampler)

12 pages

 Readable on tablets, desktops, phones etc

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