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King Supreme: A King Is Evoked (Digital edition)

King Supreme: A King Is Evoked (Digital edition)

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King Supreme: AKIE is the prelude issue to the up and coming 100 page vol 1 graphic novel, telling the story of the Current King Supreme Ryan Smith. This prelude focuses on the dichotomy and parallels of our Protagonist, Ryan Smith, and Antagonist, Legacy one of the elder Supremes. How much of what makes one "good" or "evil" is perspective, and how much are two who are viewed as different, actually the same.... With God like power, what path would you choose? What truly makes a King, a King?

The Supremes are bearers of ancient crowns disbursed throughout the universe given to beings bestowed with an unwavering will and belief despite the odds they may face. The original six crowns beget the 7th and the collective Supremes kept the balance until one Supreme decided his path was not to be determined others, while elsewhere in the universe, a new person has been selected to bear the crown of Earth. Join us as we explore the depths of his story and new found powers and all that comes with it.  Over the span of 3 books, the prelude King Supreme: A King Is Evoked, and two graphic novels, King Supreme: God Complex Enigma & King Supreme: God Complex Nirvana, we will follow the story of Ryan Smith as he ventures beyond his world to protect the galaxy and all that matters to him, despite feeling invisible to the world that create him before these powers. 

King Supreme: A King Is Evoked

28 pages

Full color


Readable on tablets, desktops, phones etc

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