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Forgotten Legends of the Untold Dynasty 11x17 Print

Forgotten Legends of the Untold Dynasty 11x17 Print

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Forgotten Legends of the Untold Dynasty    Pre Order

11x17 signed limited print

What does it mean to be a legend? Growing up martial arts and kung fu movies were special to me. The first time I personally saw a black martial artist on tv was in Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” which featured Jim Kelly. His entire style spoke to the dynamic that is our people and culture. The “cool” if you will. I learned of blaxploitation films, stars such as Pam Grier and Jim,Kelly, The last Dragon film, and many more, and the connection to the arts and culture that went far deeper than I could imagine. Years later I realized that a Grandmaster Vic Moore, a living Legend, had a school once upon a time in my birth place of Lumberton NC,and by chance or universe, I was almost one of his students. He too had a history with Bruce Lee that is a story of legend. As a teen I later connected to the music and vibes of the Wu-Tang Clan led by the RZA, and realized how universal this connection and history really was. This piece is a reflection of the often forgotten history and legends of our Dynasties. 

  • High Quality Archival Print 
  • Signed

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